Greenlee 25ft 438-2X Steel Fish Tape

Regular price $19.99

The Greenlee 438-2X steel fish tape is a useful tool for installing and concealing cable around the home, the office, and the job site. With a compact, lightweight design and flat steel tape, the 438-2X fish tape helps pull coax, Cat5/5e/6, HDMI, or any other cable through walls, under carpets, or above ceilings quickly and with ease.

The 1.25-pound design is light enough to be carried on a tool belt, and the compact, impact-resistant case and large handle gives you accurate control over your pulls every time.

Best suited for a variety of short pulls, the 25-foot-long, 1/4-inch-wide steel tape design helps get your cable under carpet, through walls, and over ceilings. Combined with a tapered tip for easy feeding, the 438-2X is perfect for short run pulls.

Simply pull the steel tape out by hand; feed through ceilings, walls, or carpets; attach your cable to the tip; and retract using the provided crank, pulling, or "fishing", your cable with it.

Whatever your pulling need, the Greenlee 438-2X steel fish tape is a simple, lightweight, and affordable solution to get many different types of cable where you need it to be.


  • 25' long, extending your reach where a traditional fish tape can't
  • Winder case with crank handle for easy compact storage
  • Hole in tip lets you attach wire and pull back
  • Flat steel tape with thin profile for fishing under carpet, through walls, or above ceiling