Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit 200 Mbps

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PlugLinkHD AV Adapter HomePlugŒ¬ Ethernet Adapter PL9660-Q1 New 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter Enables Instant Whole-Home Multimedia Networks The PlugLinkŒ¬ HD AV adapter is a new product from AsokaŒ¬ that uses Qualcomm Atheros' latest powerline communications (PLC) chip technology to enable customers to create a high-speed local area network throughout the home by just plugging adapters into wall power sockets. Compared with previous versions, the adapter is smaller, lower cost, less energy and features the best performance on the market today. It is ideal for distributing IPTV, on-demand video, online gaming, multimedia downloading, Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony or Internet streaming services to any room in the house. Versatility to Handle Today's Digital Lifestyle Think of all the digital devices in the home today. The Reliability of a Wired Network Take your digital lifestyle to the next level with Asoka's PLC adapters. No more intermittent wireless signals or "dead spots,' just the reliability of a wired network. Fast and Easy Installation There is no new wiring required to create a robust home network. Installation of Asoka's PlugLink adapters is as easy as plugging an adapter into a wall power socket. To extend your home's network, just add more adapters.


  • Use your home's existing wiring as instant broadband network
  • 200Mbps high speed transfer rate
  • Asoka's PLC products can support all Ethernet networked devices - ranging from any computer, laptop, printer or tablet to any entertainment system such as TVs, DvDs and Blu-ray players or gaming consoles.
  • Advanced encryption algorithms to safeguard your network integrity
  • Plug & Play operation; No additional wires; No IP configuration required!
  • Ultra-Compact size; one of the smallest form factor on market
  • Consumes only 0.5 watts of power in standby mode