Antronix CMC2004H 4 Way Universal Coaxial RG6 Splitter

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Reliability, quality and performance define the Antronix CMC2000 series digital splitter. The universal digital splitters have been designed specifically for today’s two-way broadband networks and the CMC2000Us are ideal for Network Interface Device (NID) box installations. The digital splitters are among the most robust in the industry. Every port on each CMC2000 series splitter withstands multiple 6 kV ring wave surges, while our proprietary ferrites remain ultra-linear following several surges. The CMC2000 series digital splitters are encased in a zinc alloy diecast housing with nickel alloy plating and employ high “Q” surface mount technology (SMT) components - guaranteeing consistent performance over time and temperature. With more than 90 versions available, there is a CMC2000 digital splitter for every network need.


  • 6 kV ring wave surge protected
  • Low Spurious Harmonics
  • Digital broadcast and HDTV ready
  • Flat 1 GHz bandwidth
  • Eclipse Contact Technology F-port
  • Capacitively coupled F-ports
  • Zinc Alloy diecast housing
  • 100 % soldered back
  • 1 inch port-to-port spacing
  • Integrated mounting tabs and heavy duty ground block for years of reliable service
  • Part # CMC2004H  (may be substituted for CMC2004H-A)