Visual Fault Locator (VFL) Fiber Optic Cable Tester 650 nm (ST, SC or FC) 10mW

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Fiber Light Source 650NM excellent for locating faults in MM or SM fiber. Can be used for 2.5mm ST, SC or FC connectors. Low-Cost and Streamline - The VFL Series is a low-cost, streamline basic fiber test tool which is easy to handle and easy to store.


  • Singlemode and Multimode Operation - Find breaks, bad splices, tight crimps, poor components, and bad connections.
  • Optical Output Port - universal connector which can accept any 2.5 mm ferrule such as ST, SC and FC
  • LED Indicators - The VFL provides LED indicators for active Laser mode ( continuous or modulated), and Low Battery.
  • Battery - Uses two AAA Alkaline batteries for convenience (not included).
  • 10mW laser output power Visibility range up to 10km