Superior Essex 78-11A-9R RG6 Coaxial Cable Tri-Sheild White - 1000ft

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Product Description Superior Essex RG-6 Tri-Shield 70% braided coaxial cables exceed the requirements specified in ANSI/SCTE 74-2003. The shielding consists of an inner aluminum/polyester foil bonded to the insulation, an aluminum 34 AWG braid, and an outer aluminum/polyester foil. This RG-6 Tri-Shield will support such technologies as extended bandwidth satellite service, high definition TV signals, CATV and two-way cable modems. 

Features Benefits 

  • RG-6 (18 AWG copper clad steel center conductor)
  • Standard and popular size
  • Tri-Shield consists of inner aluminum/polyester foil, aluminum braid, outer aluminum/polyester foil
  • Added shielding for higher service levels
  • Bonded inner foil
  • Stops moisture
  • 100% coverage over the 70% (34 AWG aluminum) braiding
  • Offers better shielding protection and stops interference
  • Reel-in-a-Box design
  • Water-resistant package is easy to carry and store