PCT ATZ677TS-BVVMIP RG6 Coaxial Cable With Messenger - 1,000ft

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PCT International's MOCSY7 75 Ohm coaxial CATV cable is the reliable, cost-effective solution for today's bi-directional broadband systems. Designed and manufactured entirely by PCT International, MOCSY7 cable offers service providers the lowest possible cable cost to access subscribers, while meeting or exceeding SCTE specifications to ensure reliable, long-life performance. Additionally, MOCSY7 is now specified to MoCA frequencies.

äó¢ 1000 ft
äó¢ Black PVC jacket
äó¢ RG6 coaxial cable with messenger

Construction Materials
äó¢ Dielectric: Foam PE
äó¢ Inner Conductor: Copper-clad steel wire
äó¢ Outer Conductor: Bonded foil + 77% aluminum braid + non-bonded foil
äó¢ Messenger: .051 in galvanized steel

äó¢ Diameter over dielectric: 4.490mm
äó¢ Diameter over jacket: 6.930mm
äó¢ Diameter over tape: 4.700mm
äó¢ Inner conductor OD: 1.024mm
äó¢ Jacket wall thickness: .0760mm

Electrical Specifications
äó¢ Operating frequency band: 5 to 1525 MHz
äó¢ Cable impedance: 75 ohm
äó¢ Velocity: 85%