CAT6 RJ45 EZ Plug Ends

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EZ RJ45 Plugs for Round Solid/Stranded 4-Pair Ethernet Network Cable - 100 Pack The EZ-RJ45 Connector simplifies twisted pair terminations by allowing the wires to be inserted through the connector and out the front. This allows the technician to easily verify the proper wiring order. AG Cables' EZ RJ45 Cat 5E / Cat6 Plugs are an ideal choice for terminating connector in your network application. These clear polycarbonate plugs feature gold-plated contacts for optimal data signal transmission and are designed to stand up to everyday use. Advantages of the AG Cables' EZ RJ45 Connectors: - Faster Terminations - Easier to identify proper terminations - Durable & Long Lasting - High Performance High Performance These EZ RJ45 Cat5E/Cat6 connectors provide exceptional transmission performance and low signal loss. These connectors are made with high quality materials to ensure durability and a long life. It creates a reliable signal with every termination. Gold Plated Our connectors feature Gold Plated contacts, it achieves greater performance through better connectivity and less signal loss providing up to 20% more efficiency. Compatibility Devices with RJ45 jacks, including computers & peripherals like routers, switch boxes, network printers & network attached storage devices.


  • COMPATIBLE with Cat5e and Cat6 Cables, stranded or solid wire types, Rohs Compliant. 8P8C, FCC Compliant UL Rated
  • FASTER AND EASIER TERMINATIONS - Technician can easily verify the proper wiring order. Clear Crimps with your EZ RJ45 Crimper Tool to Crimp and Cut Wires in ONE STEP. This reduces scrap and wasted crimps.
  • IMPROVED CONNECTION AND PERFORMANCE - Performance of the termination is optimized by pulling the connector down over the cable jacket and seating it tightly in the rear of the connector. Reduces the distance between the wire twists and contacts improves performance.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY GOLD PLATED - This connector is made with high quality materials to ensure durability and a long life. It creates a reliable signal every time.