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Miller CFS-3 Fiber Optic Wire StripperMiller CFS-3 Fiber Optic Wire Stripper
Miller CFS-2 Fiber Optic Wire StripperMiller CFS-2 Fiber Optic Wire Stripper
Jonard MDC-14 Micro Duct Tube CutterJonard MDC-14 Micro Duct Tube Cutter
Jonard MDC-28 Duct Cutter up to 1 1/8"Jonard MDC-28 Duct Cutter up to 1 1/8"
VGS™ LC CleanerVGS™ LC Cleaner
VGS™ SC/ST/FC CleanerVGS™ SC/ST/FC Cleaner
Jonard MDC-64 Large Fiber Duct CutterJonard MDC-64 Large Fiber Duct Cutter
Jonard FC-220 Fiber CleaverJonard FC-220 Fiber Cleaver
Jonard VFL-25 Visual Fault Locator
Jonard VFL-150 Visual Fault Locator Kit

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