IR Repeater - Remote control extender kit - Operate 1 to 8 devices

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Want to place your DVD player, DVR, cable box or other devices in a cabinet or other room and still be able to control them from in front of your TV? This AG Cables (TM) IR Repeater (Remote control extender) allows you to do just that!

Simply place the IR receiver on or close to your TV (or somewhere else in your room where you can point your remote at), run the IR receivers wire from the kit to the distribution block of the kit, plug the power adapter for the kit in, run the IR emitters from the distribution block to the IR receiver on the devices that you wish to control with the kit and you are all set! The IR receiver runs over 3.5mm (headphone) cable. We carry various lengths of 3.5mm extensions cables should you need more then the 5ft attached to the IR receiver. 


  • Remote control signal receiving real-time response to fast forward without delay
  • This unit can be installed in an area with compact fluorescent lighting, and will Work in most lighting environments
  • Wide Band IR receives infrared signal from many types of remotes
  • With the small size of the connecting block, you can mount it near audio equipment with nearly no visibility
  • Low power consumption: 12VDC, 30mA max
  • Distribution block can be powered off the USB port via USB cable (not included) found on many devices (TV, Receiver, etc) - power supply not necessary in these instances
  • Can control up to 12 devices using 6 dual head IR emitters (4 dual head emitters included with the kit - additional emitters can be purchased via our website)
  • Can accept commands from 3 different zones (can have multiple IR receivers allowing for multiple TV applications - additional receivers can be purchased via our website)

This product carries a 1 year warranty backed by AG Cables Inc.

Kit contents:

  • 1x Distribution Block
  • 1x US/Canada Power Supply
  • 1x IR Receiver (5ft cord)
  • 4x Dual head IR Emitters (5ft cord)