Sticklers Clean Wipes 90 Fiber Optic Wipes for the Benchtop

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Sticklers™ Clean Wipes 90 benchtop wipes are high quality, optical-grade, lint-free fiber optic wipes (made with cloth, not paper!) engineered for use on bare fiber before splicing, and also for cleaning fiber optic jumpers. They are exactly the right size and the right material to make “wet-dry” cleaning simple and cost-effective.  These wipes work best when used with Sticklers™ fiber cleaning fluid (#MCC-POC03M) which now comes in two different package sizes.


  • Optical-Grade Fabric in Convenient “mini-tub”
  • Made Without Glues, Bleach or Cellulose
  • Makes “Wet-Dry” Cleaning of Fiber Optic Connectors Easy
  • Far Stronger and Less Linting than Cellulose Wipes
  • Superior Results When Cleaning Bare Fiber
  • Very Affordable on a Cost-Per-Cleaning Basis
  • Works best when used with Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner cleaning fluid (#MCC-POC03M)
  • Part # WFW