Telecrafter (RB-2) Clip Gun Stapler System Tool For 1/4 Tubing

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This lightweight clip gun is easy to load, shoot, and applies perfectly sized clips that will never deform the cable or wire.  The Telecrafter RB2 Cable Clip Gun is designed for permanent one-handed fastening of RG59 / RG6. UV-stabilized, high-density polyethylene cable clip housings last the life of the drop.

To secure a cable, two galvanized nails penetrate a wooden surface by 3/8". The RB2 coax cable clip cradles sensitive cable without damaging them. Telecrafter RB Cable Clips can be relied upon not only for their long lives and holding power, but for their long-term preservation of the drop cable's performance. Designed specifically for drop cable, Telecrafter clips have discreetly colored nail heads that identify size at a glance.


  • Tough reinforced nylon gun body
  • Built in cable guide
  • Instant repeat driving action
  • Includes clip gun holder