Compression Tool for Coax RG59/6/7/11 F Type and Watertight Fittings

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For use with RG59, RG6 and RG11 F type compression connectors.


  • For Crimping Rg59, Rg6, And Rg11 F Type Compression Connectors
  • Adjustment screw to further specification to the type of connector being used
  • Compression Distance: 15.5mm~21.3mm For RG59/6, 30.5mm~36mm For RG11
  • Very Effective To Use
  • Rubber coated blue handle and body
  • Works with:  RG59 EX59XLPLUS and PCTTRS59L/MG, RG6 EX6XLPLUS and PCTTRS6L/MG and RG11 EX11N716PLUS, EX11N716WSPLUS, PCTTRS11LMG and others.
  • AGC-548A